Children of the Water

Self Rescue courses

Holistic Self Rescue Course

All lessons are one on one with an instructor. All course options consist of 20 sessions each

Infants nine months (crawling) to twelve months can learn to:

  • hold their breath in the water
  • roll over onto their back when they need to breathe
  • float, relax and breathe until rescued by an adult
  • perform these skills fully clothed

Some infants may even learn to propel a short distance through the water between two parents

Children who are walking (starting from 1 years old until as old as 6 years) can learn to:

  • use breath control under water
  • roll over onto their back when they need to breathe
  • Float, relax and breathe until rescued by an adult
  • swim with their face in the water to a safe place/parent
  • perform these skills fully clothed

We offer the following course options:

Regular course, 20 consecutive days
This course type will give your child the ability to learn the Self Rescue skills within a 4 or 5 week timeframe, swimming 4 or 5 times a week. One session per day, for 15 minutes.

Speed course, 10 consecutive days
For all families who wish to complete the course in a very fast and time efficient way, we offer a 10 day/ 2 week course where your child will swim 4 or 5 times a week, two session per day, for 15 minutes. You only need to drive once a day to our pool, because the two sessions will both be given in the morning with a 15 minute break.

Holistic Pre Self Rescue (baby swimming)

Pre self rescue swimming Classes are specifically designed to introduce your baby to the water in a fun and loving environment and prepare them for their swimming journey and the next step Self Rescue course. Classes are for babies and toddlers from 6 weeks upwards to join their parents in the water for 30 minutes of fun. Swimming is a bonding experience for parents and their baby, improving vital motor skills and offering a healthy activity for the body and mind. We have a holistic approach, using modalities such as Watsu and meditative breathing in our courses.

We offer weekly morning and afternoon classes. 5 babies maximum per group. Mammas or daddys in the pool.

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