Pré-survival swimming

Babyzwemmen voor baby's van 8 weken t/m 8 maanden

Pré-Survival babyswimming (NL/EN class)

Age group: 8 weeks up to 8 month

Get to learn the water!

Blijven Drijven now offers Pré-survival babyswimming for baby’s 2 month up. Together with your baby we enjoy the water by playing, singing songs and introduce an independent horizontal body position in the water. We would like to take you and your baby on our journey to find out the water can lift you! Infant Aquatic specialist Linde provide you hands on skills to safely play in the water.

What to expect?
– weekly 30 minute group class;
– maximum 4 baby’s with one parent/adult in the water;
– combination of singing songs, playing, floating and having fun;
– certified Infant Aquatic instructor Linde ‘Blijven Drijven’.


Pré-survival babyswimming class allows you hands-on practice working with your baby in the water. Once a week, you and your baby will learn to enjoy the water by combining supported horizontal floating skills with songs and other smooth activities designed to produce happy, safe floaters.
– independently floating on their back;
– holding breath underwater.

Logical first step!
Pré-survival babyswimming is designed to help parents enjoy the water together with their new born in a safe and trusted environment. Kenamju offers a modern, clean, light and bright pool filtered by electrolyse system (less chlorine). With a comfortable warmwater temperature of 93 degrees Fahrenheit, no shivers! Small groups make it possible to provide you one-on-one guidance.

Schedule and cost
– Free introduction lesson;
– Mondaymorning 9:30 AM till 10:00 AM;
– Programme includes 6 lessons € 100,-;
– Free use of a babywetsuit if needed.

Next step
Baby’s who independently roll to belly and back, mostly around 8 month, can join the Blijven Drijven Float! programme after following the pré-survival babyswimming lessons. Ask for a 10% discount if you are interested in private Float programme and learn how to roll over from belly to back and float independently in the water.

Instructor and Infant Aquatics Specialist Linde van Ettinger-Jelsma is teaching all baby’s and infants up to 5 years of age. Linde is proud owner of “Blijven Drijven” – private survival swimming lessons using the international Swim-Float-Swim sequence. Please visit www.kenamju.nl/blijvendrijven

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