Survival swimming

Swim-float-swim program for infants.

Swim-Float-Swim program

Age group: 8 month up to 4 years of age

Survival swimming
Blijven Drijven is survival swimming for infants. The swim-float-swim program is suitable for children from 7 months to 5 years. The young learned swimming and floating skills are the best preparation for the swimming diploma.

Why survival swimming?
However attentive parents may be, an unexpected fall in water of children who can not swim yet, occurs. Fortunately, children can be self-reliant in the water at a very young age. They just have to know how! Your child will learn that through the swim-float-swim program of Blijven Drijven.

What does your child learn?
Your child learns how to swim and float in three to six weeks. With or without clothing, nappy and (winter) jacket, your child has the skills to survive in the event of an unexpected fall in the water. After the program, it can independently swim, roll over to the back, float and breath, flip back onto their tummy and swim again.

The program
Blijven Drijven offers various lesson plans for all ages up to 5 years. Your child gets private lessons.

  • A program for babies from 7 months with a lesson duration of 10 minutes per day, four days per week for four weeks. To be able to participate in this program, your baby must be able to roll independently from the back to the tummy and from the tummy to the back.
  • A program for children from 1 to 5 years with a course duration of 10 minutes per day, four days per week, for six weeks. To be able to participate in this program, your child must be able to walk independently. Blijven Drijven uses a heated pool (93 Degrees Fahrenheit) at sportcentre Kenamju so no shivers!

16 Lessons of 10 minutes for babies who can roll. Your baby learns to hold breath underwater, float on their backs and rotate from a face-down postion to a face-up back-float.
Program cost € 550, –

From walking up to 4 years. 24 Lessons of 10 minutes. Your child learns to propel for a short distance (swim), roll over and float on their backs to breathe, then flip back onto their tummies and swim again. Children age 4 and up, will learn how to swim-float-swim in 12 lessons, 20 minutes, 3 weeks.
Program cost € 750,-

Keep practicing
It is important that your child, after completing the course, continues to master the acquired skills. We teach you basic skills to maintain the swim and float of your child. We also offer a weekly 30 minute Funday! grouplesson in which your child, in groups of maximum 4 children, playfully enjoy the water and continues to master the aquired swim and float skills.

Funday! groupclass
6 Lessons (once a week) of 30 minutes for six weeks for children who have completed a swim-float-swim program. Maximum 4 children per group.
Program cost € 100, –

Private single lesson
If you prefer to continue one-on-one lessons, please contact your instructor to find out what schedule suits you. Private lesson takes 10-20 minutes per child.
Private single lesson cost € 32,50

Sunday swim!
Kenamju offers Blijven Drijven students and their parents the exclusive option to join the pool every Sunday. Together with your child you can swim, play and master the swim-float-swim competences in the pool you already know! www.kenamju.nl/sundayswimming

Who’s teaching?
Instructions are given by Infant Aquatic survival specialist Linde van Ettinger-Jelsma, founder and owner of Blijven Drijven. She has succesfully graduated the intensive instructors training in Colorado, America at the leading survival swimming institute Infant Aquatics. This program is unique in Haarlem!

  • Daily private lessons from Monday to Friday early morning between 7:30 – 10:00 AM.
  • Program includes a free swim daiper. Your child will receive a diploma and wetsuit as a gift!

More information?
Please go to www.blijvendrijven.com . Please don’t hesitate to ask your questions: info@blijvendrijven.com Linde is happy to answer!

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